Wellmax Welcomes it's Canadian Visitors

We Provide Expert Care for our friends to the North

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Wellmax Welcomes
its Canadian Visitors

WellMax can help solve medical problems for Canadian travelers in all 50 states. We work with your doctors in Canada to insure that you have seemless high quality medical care when you’re traveling, or staying at your winter home.

No job is too big or too small, whether insuring that you get a few extra prescription medications if you should run out, or arranging all the details for elective major surgery. We have often coordinated all pre-op and follow up care for hip or knee replacements in the USA.

Dr. Daniel Cosgrove and the team at WellMax can create a Personal Health Portfolio™, which organizes all of your medical records and provides for their review and analysis. We can easily retrieve your Canadian medical records, and your doctors can review yours.

WellMax is located in Indian Wells, CA. We offer ultrasound, DEXA, cardiac treadmill, V02max, cognitive tests, hearing, vision and much more. We have dedicated parking so it’s easy to drop by for five minutes, or one can stay a couple of days.

Please contact the Wellmax team for more information regarding the
Personal Health Portfolio at:

Phone: (760) 777-8772 Email: Inquiry2012@wellmax.com