My take on the Corona virus (Covid-19)-More information you might find helpful 03.22.2020


I'm writing from home. Lots of cancellations at work and socially. My house is getting organized and I'm spending more

time with Doriana! 😊

I've attached a link to a great video. It helps explain why we don't see anyone sick but we still want to socially isolate: we want to be St Louis, not Philadelphia.

What should you do?

1. Don't be a total hermit. You can go outside. Sunshine is GOOD for you. Golf and tennis and pickleball and going for walks are all good. Staying inside all day and watching paranoid news can kill you!

2. Keep up your good health: sleep, less alcohol, proper diet, exercise. I know that's obvious but lots of people are hibernating and doing all the unhealthy things like it doesn’t matter. It matters more than ever.

3. Be aware that the virus can be in little droplets in the air for HOURS. So going into an empty elevator doesn't mean you're not exposed. If in doubt, wear a mask. Use gloves. Nobody will laugh. They're jealous that you have a mask and gloves!

4. Strengthen your immune system:

a. Vitamin D 5000-10,000 units daily.

b. K2 has been proclaimed as really important. I don't know... but it comes with Vitamin D often (e.g. "K Force" that we have)

c. Vitamin C. Take 2-3 grams daily. Buy it. If you can't find it, we have some.

d. Zinc 30-50mg (at least 15mg). Buy it. If you can't find it, we have some.

e. Quercetin may be good. Health food stores. I stockpiled a little.

5. if you get sick:

1. try to stay out of the ER. They have no magic bullets.

2. Fluids. Don’t get dehydrated.

3. we have IV vitamin C.

4. we have hydroxychloroquine for members who get sick.

5. we have masks, gloves, and we have test kits (for members).

Watch the video! Let me know how we can help. 760-777-7698. Drs. Dan and Doriana.

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