One-Day Executive Physical

One-Day Executive Physical

Dr. Cosgrove evaluating patient results

This package was designed especially for busy executives that want an efficient evaluation. It can be completed in one day.

All tests in this One-Day Executive Physical package --- including ultrasound, DEXA bone density, obtaining blood, treadmill testing --- are all done on site in our private health center. WellMax is located among some of the most luxurious resorts Indian Wells, California has to offer. Visitors from out of the area have the option (but no obligation) to stay at these resorts. Many additional tests are available, but not part of this package (e.g. colonoscopy, either conventional or virtual). If you decide to add services, your resort stay can be extended, our WellMax staff will arrange any necessary transportation for off-site services, and integrate all testing --- and spa, tennis, golf, etc --- into one visit. Contact WellMax today to schedule your One-Day Executive Physical.

Required in-clinic time during One-Day Executive Physical: 6 hours | Recommended time: 1 days

Please contact the Wellmax Team for more information and pricing at: (760) 777-7698