Patient Confidentiality


Patient offices at WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine

Because of the comprehensive nature of our programs, we at WellMax want to you to have a safe and secure site to address all of your health and lifestyle issues. Your privacy is important to us, and all of your medical records remain confidential. They are reviewed only by your medical professionals and shared only as you deem appropriate with other physicians.

There is one exception to this rule; one that we make aware to all our patients. As you may know, some of the tests that we do are reimbursable by healthcare insurance plans. This depends upon your health status and benefits. If you choose to submit charges for possible reimbursement by insurance, your entire medical records then become "open" for review to your health and life insurance companies. We want you to have the option to receive additional security and privacy by never asking your insurance company or health plan provider to reimburse you for services. Most patients don't need this security; and for them, we help complete the forms for insurance reimbursement.